Work Health & Safety

Construction Safety Helmet on Bulldozer Tire. Heavy Equipment Operation Safety.

Making sense of safety to provide real value and tangible improvements

We focus on the purpose of work health and safety management and not the process. Paperwork for the sake of paperwork doesn’t reduce risk or add value, but sound operational actions and discussions do.

The purpose of work health and safety management systems is to reduce the risk of injury or illness to workers in their workplace. However, the countless amounts of forms that are completed in the name of ‘safety’ rarely provide value or even make sense to workers. Organisations expense resources to develop, complete and collect this paperwork without really understanding why or analysing what it’s telling them.

We coach and support organisations to focus on the purpose of their safety systems and develop solutions that make sense to them and their workers. We approach safety holistically, as an integrated part of how a business operates as a whole. When safety is embedded into how you do business and not done in isolation, organisations can reduce paperwork and risks associated with their operations; resulting in efficient operations with reduced injury and illness.

We can help with:

  • Internal Auditing to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • WHS inspections and hazard assessments
  • Incident Investigations – ICAM and Taproot investigation methodologies
  • Work health and safety management system development and maintenance
  • Operational procedure development and review
  • Safe Work Method Statement development and review
  • Tender pre-qualification support
  • Learning Management System implementation
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • Process Mapping your workflows to discover opportunities for growth and efficiencies
  • Data Analytics – discover trends and insights of your business and streamline reporting processes
  • System Needs Analysis and Business Cases