Strategy, Risk & Compliance

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Identify and navigate the hurdles to accomplish your objectives

Every choice we make to pursue our goals has its risks. The trade-offs we make with these choices is part of decision-making; effectively managing these trade-offs is the key.

Businesses are operating in an environment that is moving faster and becoming more complex than ever before. Resources and time need to be allocated to areas that create true value and mitigate risks in the pursuit of opportunities.

We work with you to pinpoint strategic goals and identify risks to help navigate uncertainty. By understanding your business and how you operate, we build, install and maintain improved risk and compliance systems to minimise ambiguity and provide value to your business.

We can help with:

  • Strategic planning Workshops
  • Data analysis for strategic insights and planning
  • Risk and compliance identification workshops
  • Compliance assessments and audits
  • Strategic planning documents
  • Establishment of data gathering and reporting
  • Risk management system development and maintenance to ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management – Guidelines
  • Compliance management system development and maintenance to AS ISO 19600:2015 Compliance management systems – Guidelines
    Compliance advice and research
  • Risk management training
  • Compliance awareness training
  • Risk and compliance management – coaching and mentoring for staff
  • Preparation and delivery of risk reports and presentations