Business Video Strategy

Showcase your business

If you want to look professional, increase sales, and create authentic communication with your customers we can help showcase what you do! We integrate our business and creative skills to deliver effective video that produces results. We have professional equipment and skills, RPA accredited drone operators, and a suite of resources to clearly communicate your business to your customers.

Why do I need Video?

With online videos making up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, you need to be creating video content in your business now more than ever before. With this increase in demand for video content, businesses that use video grow revenue 49% faster than their non-video competitors.

Consumers want to know more about the businesses and brands they follow – and video is one of the most effective ways to do this. Video gives your audience an insight into your organisation. It provides a human touch and an avenue to create connections with the people who may become your clients or customers in the future

Therefore, it’s ideal to show a relatable side to your brand by showcasing behind-the-scenes footage, staff interviews or the processes that most people may not know about. While a photo can show the faces of a business, video enables consumers to create an emotional connection with your people and increase trust with your consumer community.

Plus, video doesn’t sleep! While your team have clocked off or your shop is shut, your videos are still selling, communicating, and informing your customers. 43% of marketers say that video marketing has reduced the number of support calls they received… in other words, when a potential customer has a question at 11pm that could lead to a sale, are you awake to answer it?

Your video content is not only being viewed by your potential customers. In today’s market, where 51% of employed workers are open to a new job despite not actively looking for one, your video content is also talking to your potential employees.


What we offer

So when we talk about video for your business, what do we mean? Well, there’s a range of options we can offer.

Typically, we recommend our clients invest in our Video Sales Trifecta, to help gain client attention, awareness and trust.

                                                                                    Brand Message Video + Testimonial Video + Promos.

There are also various content options to consider including:

  • Educational Course Videos
  • Live Stream / Webinars
  • Recruiting Videos
  • Safety Videos
  • Political Videos
  • Compliance Videos
  • Morale and Culture Videos (milestones, achievements)
  • Product and Service Videos
  • How To / Explainers
  • Case Studies
  • About Us (Meet the team)
  • Before and After
  • Product Reviews
  • FAQs
  • Live Sales
  • Launches
  • Event promotion, highlights, attendee interviews

Video is one of the best vehicles for storytelling and can be utilised to help consumers understand your product or service easily. Video marketing helps you to quickly capture audience attention and create connections that remain long after the video has ended and sets the stage for you to build a long-term relationship with a potential client. This helps you to boost sales and client satisfaction.

If you are interested in advertising your services or products, contact us today and we can create a package that is suitable for your needs.


There will be no extra charge for travel if your event venue is located within 20 km of Roma, Queensland.  For locations beyond this distance, travel costs will be calculated and charged per kilometre. For extensive distances, accommodation costs may also apply.

Absolutely, we discuss your needs during the scoping stage and include client review points in the development process.

The music chosen to be included within any of your films will be selected from our business’ high quality music subscription platforms, due to licensing and copyright reasons. Before we edit, we can provide you with a short playlist of different music from these platforms so we can understand your preference and check that you are happy with the music selections.

We have the capability to shoot 4K, and can adjust the aspect ratio (particularly for promotional films) to be horizontal 16:9, square 1:1, or vertical 9:16.

We can shoot on three main cameras, we use all Sony cameras which all produce exceptional footage.

No, once you have received your films, we do not retain any of the footage; this includes the edited files.

Any type of video service we provide, excluding live streaming, may be listed on our website and socials, to showcase our work and what we can provide to future customers. However, we will go into more detail surrounding this in our standard terms and conditions in our contract and can work with our clients on this.

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